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Awards? It must be the people in the photos!

Posted by Paul on 9/18/2012 4:06:00 PM

Ever see a turtle on a fence post? You know he didn't get there on his own effort. That's how I feel about the photo above.
I was happy to represent the MDA at the annual Missouri Society of Association Executives luncheon today. The MDA won two awards! MSAE hosts an awards competition annually, and this year, MDA won an Award of Excellence in the Communications category for its blog entry “A Mouthful: Paul’s Tales from the Road—Increasing member Value through Blogging.” That's cool but so many people here help behind the scenes and the real star of the blog is you. People can't get enough of those good looking MDA members in the photos! It is cool to see this fledging blog get some recognition. It is designed to make the MDA smaller and more personal and to reflect the wide array of member activities around the state. Thanks for following me and spread the word!

MDA also won an Honorable Mention in the Education category for its outreach entry “Healthy Kids Day Outreach: Educating Families on Oral Health Care.” I wrote the submissions and attended the luncheon to accept. This is the eighth MSAE Award of Excellence the MDA has received since 2001. We won last year for our work in Joplin. I tip my hat to the MDA staff for the in sync manner in which they all work together for the benefit of all. The recognition feels nice. Celebrate with us!

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