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UMKC Scholarship Dinner

Posted by Paul on 9/17/2012 3:37:00 PM

The MDA Foundation is passionate about education and one way that manifests itself is through a scholarship program for dental and hygiene students. Your generous contributions to MDAF through dues, solicitation letters, and on line giving help support this valuable program that began in 1999 and now has given out more than $177,000 in aid.
Last night was the annual UMKC scholarship dinner. I was excited to be joined this year by MDAF President, Dr. Joel Pratt. We both enjoyed a wonderful evening visiting with these bright future dentists. MDIS funded two scholarships and MDAF funded six more. We were part of an enormous number of scholarships. It's exciting to see such great support from others who care about aiding these students who face such escalating school costs.
In fact, it was neat to see that one of our members, Dr. James Parrott had just started his own scholarship this year. Dr. Parrott is on the board of the MDAF Board and the Rinehart Foundation so he is very familiar with the need. He's a great example to follow and the Dr. James Parrott Scholarship is established to support an academically gifted student who might not otherwise receive any assistance. This first recipient was Hallie Lillmars. They are pictured in the first photo.
The group picture features from left to right, Dr. Pratt and six of the eight MDAF winners: Chase Kelly, Hallie Lillmars, Eve Lofthus, Emily Longwith, Kevin Stock, and Ellen Zust Blattel. Not pictured are Greg Lohr and Emilee Wentz. Congratulations to all the winners!

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