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Wellness in North Carolina

Posted by Paul on 9/15/2012 2:57:00 PM

What is Paul doing inthe beautiful Blue Ridge Mtns ofNorth Carolina? Suffering, all in the name of research. Okay, so I wasn't really suffering but I was doing research when I partook in the North Carolina Caring Dental Professionals (NCCDP)"Pathways to Healing" Conference in Blowing Rock, NC.
The NCCDP is the counterpart to your very own Well Being Program here in Missouri. Both these programs are designed to serve the profession by providing assistance to those dentists and hygienists who are struggling with impairment issues due to illness,substance abuse, or other physical or mental conditions.
As I travel the state and talk to MDA members, I'm always amazed at how few know about this valuable program. The struggles and pressures of dentistry are real and can lead to unintended problems. There is help. It's confidential, safe, and effective. Find out more at www.modental.org/wellbeing.
Because the Well Being Program is relativelyunknown, I'm working to help create awareness and raise funds for the Well Being Foundation so it can grow and be more effective. This was the 7th annual conference for NCCDP so I went to learn what they were doing right and how we might take some steps in that direction. It was very enlightening.
First, the conference is for program participants, therapists, and treatment center personnel. There's a tangible sense of community and acceptance even while protecting the privacy of participants. The seminars offer the latest science and trends in understanding impairment and recovery. The pace is relational so people have time to connect. You can see above where group activities and even some fun games add to the productivity of the conference. I was very impressed and wore the staff out assign questions about the structure of the event.
We need to crawl before we run but it is our goal to start an annual gathering in Missouri both for our participants and the recoveryfield so others know the real value of the program and can offer their expertise. You can help in two ways. First, be familiar with Rebecca Mowen, our program administrator. She's their to advocate for you but she needs to know you. Self-reporting is difficult but can spare you a lot of pain and loss. Don't wait until the Dental Board mandates you into the program.Additionally, if you are concerned about someone in the dental office who might need assistance in this area, contact Rebecca for guidance. Earlyidentification is crucial.
Secondly, you can help by contributing to the Well Being Foundation. Many of you did this on your dues and I thank you. You can also support the Mouse Race Fundraiser planned in November in St Louis. To find out the details, visit www.modental.org/mouseraces.

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