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Installation - SEDS Part 2

Posted by Paul on 9/13/2012 2:42:00 PM

After the golf and business meeting, the SEDS component kept the ball rolling that evening witha fun gathering for members, spouses, and office staff. Wisely, they had a closed party at El Acapulco. Everyone laughed about the Hawaiian/Mexican smash up dress theme. The mood was festive and everyone was happy to see their counterparts and enjoy a celebration of the year. I was more than happy to stay and participate. The more I meet our members and their staff, the more I understand the passion for dentistry and the close knit family feel of many offices.
The highlight of the night was the installation of new officers. The lighting was bad for my phone camera but hopefully you get a feel for the event. Dr. Nathan McGuire was the outgoing president and you can see him making his farewell speech above. He's done a great job and I was privileged to represent the MDA while honoring him with a plaque thanking him for his service. Shortly after, I swore in the new officers led by President Jim Fox. It will be a big year for them with MOMOM next May but they are up for the challenge.
This is my second component officer installation meeting and I love the diversity but I also love how connected people are at the local level. It makes your profession better. I'm scheduled for a few more officer installations before the end of the year so watch for more candid shots!

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