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A Fun Little Gathering

Posted by Paul on 8/24/2012

If you pay any attention to what I like about the MDA, you'll know that I'm a big fan of New Dentists. They represent the latest and brightest of the profession. They are alsoessential to the future of the MDA. They are also under a lot of stress with school debt, new careers, young families, and busy schedules. So we need to support them. Cheer them on! Welcome them into organized dentistry.
A big step towards that happened the last two days as several people gathered to jump start the state New Dentist committee. The cornerstone was an ADA workshop on how to make your ND committee a success. Our presenters did a great job. After a lively day of planning, the committee under the leadership of Dr. Sarah Mahaffey is off and running. Watch for opportunities to plug in!
The prelude to the one day workshop was a social gathering with the MDA Board and guests. It was a hot August night but people stayed a long while asND's and Board members got to know each other on a personal level. It was actually very fun and sent a great message that from the top down, MDA supports our ND's. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend.
Photo 1: Drs. Jon Copeland, Maz Moshiri, and Sarah Withrow at the ND workshop
Photo 2: Jamie Wilkerson, Dr. Ron Wilkerson, Trustee Dr. John Freeze, and Trustee Dr. Jody Vance
Photo 3: UMKC Dean Marsha Pyle, MDA President Dr. Elwood Rice, ADA reps Jeanine Pekkarinen and Chris Chico

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