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The Incubator

Posted by Paul on 8/17/2012

Do you remember your dental school orientation? Were you wide eyed and idealistic about the journey ahead of you? Did you size up the competition and guess who would be the best dentist in the class? Icould only imagine the emotions swirling around the nearly 100 or so members of the UMKC Class of 2016 as I watched like a fly on the wall to some of their presenters onorientation day. How will they ever keep up with the library and security issues and where everything is much less learn dentistry? It was one of those days when you can feel overwhelmed. That's why I wanted to be there and introduce myself and plant the seed that the MDA will be a valuable partner from the cradle to the grave in their dentistry career. It was a fun day and I look forward to how well I might get to know some of these future doctors over the years.
The highlight of MDA's part of the day was the outstanding presentation from Dr. Dustin Burleson. He spoke with passion and understanding while giving these newbies some very practical tips for success. Then he pitched the MDA to them as the best investment they could make as students and as future dentists. I was about to re-enlist myself because of Dr. Burleson's eloquent and inspiring case for why he values membership in the MDA. Thank you, Dr. Burleson for your time and your solid representation of the profession.
On a fun note, Dr. Burleson promised to donate $1,000 if the class of 2016 had 100% enrollment in the MDA. The donation would go to Dr. Killip's "Mullet fundraiser". And who said dentists can't be fun!

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