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Hi-Tech Adventures

Posted by Paul on 7/12/2012 4:32:00 PM

I made a quick trip to St Louis to support the GSLDS's 2nd Annual Hi-Tech Night at the Sheraton in Westport. The crowd was even bigger than last year and I had a number of great conversations with local members. My, what a difference a year makes. Last year I was just starting in my role and everyone seemed so new - especially me! Now, I feel like a see an old friend wherever I turn.
The members (and manyguests, or as I like tocall them "soon to be members")weren't there to see me. A host of vendors had their latest gadgets and tools on display and the intimate setting made it easy to have deeper discussions. Plus good food and happy bartenders enhance any gathering of dentists.
All through the night, prizes were given away by event organizer, Dr. Vince Rapini, to lucky winners. They included an iPad and two intraoral cameras. In the photos you can see Dr. Rapini and GLSDS staffer, Susan Prosperi, fishing out another winner. I was not to be outdone so the MDA gave away a $50 Brookstone gift card. You can see me with the winner, Dr. Shuka Moshiri.
Congrats to all on a great event for dentistry!

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