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Checking In - MOMOM Style

Posted by Paul on 7/11/2012 10:28:00 AM

Yesterday was a big day for the MDA Foundation and MOMOM. I had the privilege of representing the MDAF at an in store press conference at the Cape Girardeau Walmart. The big occasion was to receive a $45,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to support MOMOM 2013 to be held at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, May 3-4, 2013. This is a huge boost to the MOMOMfundraising effortsand a great moment for the community. As such, we had several guests join us (and the many 5 pm Walmart shoppers). I'll introduce you to some of our guests.
The first photo with the big check includes Drs. Pat and Jan Ruopp, MOMOM chair for 2013, with many of their local board members. The next photo is Gary Elders, local store manager and emcee for the event, listening to Dr. Jan Ruopp explain MOMOM to the crowd while recruiting volunteers. She's got a lot of energy and makes a perfect chairperson.
We were honored to have three local MO State Representatives join us as well. All three have been very supportive of MDA issues and are thrilled to see MOMOM come to SE Missouri. In the left photo, in the foreground, is Rep. Donna Lichetenegger (R-157) from Jackson. Behind her in the yellow shirt is Rep. Wayne Wallingford (R-158) from Cape Girardeau. In the right photo, wearing red, is Rep. Ellen Brandom (R-160) from Sikeston. The final photo with the big check(left to right) is Gary Elders, Rep. Ellen Brandom, yours truly, Dr. Jan Ruopp, Rep. Donna Lichetenegger, and Rep. Wayne Wallingford.
On behalf of the MDA Foundation, I want to thank the Walmart Foundation for their generous support of MOMOM and their commitment to help their local communities. I want to thank Laurna Godwin from Vector Communications and local store manager Gary Elders for arranging such a nicemoment for the check presentation. And thanks again to all the state representatives, local board members, and other supporters who joined us for this milestone moment.

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