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What's on Your Frontline?

Posted by Paul on 6/27/2012 3:33:00 PM

Did you see the PBS special report last night entitled, "Dollars and Dentists"? If so, what did you think? It didn't always portray the profession in a positive light and it probably raised more questions than it answered. I can imagine you have strong feelings one way or another.
I won't dare try to cover all the activity that is going on in the arenas of workforce models, reimbursement rates, public image, legislative reform, etc. I will simply state that the MDA and ADA and your local leadership are working hard to protect the profession and the public while exploring ideas in the changing landscape. It seems more important than ever to be unified and engaged as an association.
Membership matters!
If you missed the program, I will reprint the links we sent to our members before the show.
The ADA has prepared a statement for media use; however, state and local dental societies, as well as individual dentists, are welcome to use the statement, either in its entirety or to develop their own statements or talking points. The Frontline homepage, has related dental stories.

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