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Hidden Secret in Action

Posted by Paul on 6/19/2012 1:50:00 PM

Youmight as wellget use to me talking about the Well Being Program and the MDA's Well Being Foundation. I'm a big fan! They offer excellent resources to our memberson a wide variety of wellness issues. Perhaps most importantly is the advocacy and support they provide for impaired professionals. Under the able leadership of Rebecca Mowen, the WB program is here for you or to help youwith someone you care about in the dental office who might need assistance. Nationwide the pressures of the profession have adversely affected many. That's understandable. What's encouraging is to see how lives and careers can be saved with caring, professional treatment.
Today I had the pleasure of hearing Rebecca speak at the Utah School on Alcohol and Other Drug Dependencies Conference. This well established event held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT draws hundreds of people who have something to do with counseling, treatment, and recovery. Many attendees are in recovery themselves. There is a strong healthcare professional track including a separate dental group that numbered close to 30.
Rebecca spoke to this group on the topic of Women, Addiction, and Dentistry. Shedid a superb jobwith a very engaged audience. She addressed gender differences and other uniquefactorsthat influence the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of the female healthcare professional. It was a real honor to see Rebecca shine in this setting.
While my trip was brief, I learned a lot about the chemical disease of alcoholism and I met a number of wonderful people who had great suggestions for how we can grow our WB program. I'm excited to see how we can help our members and stably fund this program. Plus it was a blast to get out of MO and see some mountains!
For more info on the MDA's WB program, visit www.modental.org/wellbeing.

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