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Joplin Anniversary Event - Part 1

Posted by Paul on 6/8/2012 3:58:00 PM

It's not often that you mark the one year anniversary of an F-5 tornado but that's what we did in Joplin last night. The MDA and SWDS along with the assistance of many great sponsors hosted a special event entitled "Reflections on a Year of Recovery". It was a great day for all.
We started in the afternoon as over 60 people signed up to take tours of many of the rebuilt dental offices. Then a total of 185 gathered for a nice reception and dinner at the beautiful Ramsay Building downtown. It was awesome to see the dental community gathered together sharing their stories from an unforgettable year. It felt like a family picnic in some ways!
Several guests joined us including current MDA President Dr. Elwood Rice; past MDApresident (during the tornado) Dr. Mark Zust and his wife, Phyllis;other MDA and MDAF board members; MDIS representatives; and a strong supportive contingent from our sponsors at Patterson, Benco, Carestream, Delta and Goetze.
Of special note were our guests, Carthena Green and Peggy Wilson from the Joplin Community Clinic. In true MDA member form, this event was a charity event and proceeds will go to benefit that local organization that serves the needy with dental services. More on that exciting story in a future blog post.
The program focused on looking back at the progress made in the one year since the total devastation. We showed some video clips and heard from Vicki Wilbers at the MDA, dentist and local city councilman Dr. Benji Rosenberg, and SWDS president Dr. Brad Laird. But perhaps the most moving moments were when Drs. Mike Fitterling, Ed McAllister, and Charley McGinty shared their stories. It was humbling and inspiring all at once.
I'll post some more photos. Thanks to all the local leadership, sponsors, and MDA staff who made this memorable event possible!

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