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Joplin Anniversary Event - Part 2

Posted by Paul on 6/8/2012 3:58:00 PM

Everybody in Joplin was so cooperative and I wish I could show you every office but here's a small slice of some different imagery from a few offices. I know you probably want to see operatories, storage cabinets, and reception spaces but every office has those so use your imagination.
Top left is the iconic dolphin that sits out front of pediatric dentist, Dr. Benji Rosenberg's office. Kids of all ages like to take their photo with it. Top right features a nice memorial marking the tornado in Dr. Mike Fitterling's new office. In my opinion what made this event and year special was realizing that offices are just bricks and stone but the dental family is much stronger than that.
Bottom left is some hi-tech wizardry in oral surgeon, Dr. Glenn Makowski's office. A whole different kind of art is displayed at bottom right in the office of Dr. Mark Woodin, once again showing you that MDA members are diverse and talented. That's why you want to read this blog because I just might feature your office or talents!

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