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The MOM next door

Posted by Paul on 6/12/2012 3:13:00 PM

Access to care issues are not confined to our state obviously and last weekend I was able to participate in the IL MOM up in Grayslake, IL. I had several motivations. First these events are so rewarding, it was a pleasure to volunteer my time. Second I owed a favor to my buddy, Jay Landers who is the executive director of the IL State Dental Society Foundation. Jay was a real trooper serving in Springfield during our first MOMOM last fall. Finally, I wanted to do some recognizance on the event since we are hosting MOMOM 2 in Cape Girardeau next May.
After a rather slow start on Friday, Saturday was a great day.The wonderful facility accommodated 850+ people. They partnered with the CURE Network to provide visual and medical services as well. By the end of it all, they had 2,082 dental, vision, and medical patient visits with the delivery of1.13 million dollars in whole-body care.Kudos to the whole team!
I did my best to recruit our neighbors to come join us in Cape next May. They were definitely ready after experiencing the high of pulling off such an event. I also had someinsightful discussions with some leaders and took some notes on differences I observed. Each of these events has it's own special feel. I can't wait to see how Dr. Ruopp and her team pull it all together at MOMOM 2.

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