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My Day at the Theater, dear!

Posted by paul on 5/10/2012 8:55:00 AM

Earlier this week, I made my first visit to the Delta Dental Health Theater (DDHT) located inLaclede's Landing right in downtown St Louis in the shadow of the Gateway Arch. Itis very impressive! Shannon Woodcock, executive director for the theater, gave me a quick tour and explained how this small space delivers a big impact. I saw a wide variety of hands-oneducational activities mixed with some hi-tech features. They mingle together to offer something for everyone who stops in. I loved the bright colors and kid friendly seating. And who doesn't like a ceiling with a full set of teeth!
School groups account for many of the visitors to the theaterand I was lucky to witness one live and in person. Raven, a theater major who interns with the theater, can be seen above engaging and educating the kids.
I'm working with Shannon and DDHT on a joint fundraising event called Mouse Races (see my earlier blog post). We are planning a fantastic evening of fun for those attending the Mid Continent Dental Congress in early November and for other supporters and publicin the St Louis area. Keep watching for more details. This will raise much needed support for the MDA Foundation, the Well Being Foundation, and DDHT.
It's been fun to get to know Shannon and see her passion for dental education and growth in opportunities. These types of partnerships make us all stronger. Find out more about DDHT - hours, map, schedule, etc - at www.ddhtstl.org

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