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And How Was Your Year?

Posted by Paul on 5/4/2012 9:22:00 AM

Do you remember what you were doing about this time last year? Have there been big changes in your practice over the last twelve months? Any unique challenges you've faced personally? What stands out in your mind over the last year?
For me, I was starting my new job with the MDA. Naturally that brings changes and challenges as you leave something familiar and start a fresh adventure. I had to get to know new people, learn new terms, and figure out my new role. It's had some ups and downs but all in all it's been a great year. And it was change that I purposefully chose. However, I'm most struck by a subsegment of our membership who've truly had a year to remember dealing with change that no one signed up for.
We are fast approaching the first anniversary of the Joplin Tornado. Imagine business as usual one day and then waking up to total devastation the next. Your entire office and livelihood obliterated along with much of your home community. This was the case for 25 dentists in Joplin on May 22, 2011. What do you do? How do you overcome shock, grief, anger, and fear? Where do you start? How do you plod through each day? Imagine the myriad of decisions to make, the frustration of uncertain time frames, the waiting for insurance resolution, the concern for patients and staff. I don't presume to fully understand the emotions and difficulties experienced by these folks.
But I did have the privilege of playing a small role, along with many others from the MDA and ADA, in helping our dental family get back on their feet. It's been an honor to witness their resiliency and courage to start over and stay committed to their community. To that end, it seems like this upcoming first anniversary of the tornado deserves some special attention. As such on June 7th, the MDA and the SWDS are hosting a special event, Reflections on a Year of Recovery.
The idea is to bring the SW dental family together again and pause to share with another what this last year hastaught them. We will have some optional tours of new office spaces. We will enjoy a nice reception and meal and we will look back through photos andrecollections from an extraordinary year. Thanks to the generous support of the MDA, the SWDS, and event sponsors, the proceeds will be donated to the local Joplin Clinic. It's a wayfor the dental community to say we took a hard blow, we regrouped and rebuilt, and we're back to serving and giving to our community.
The event is limitedin space and by invitation only but I thought you might want to know about it. With time, days can crawl by and years can fly by. Let's remember and salute our Joplin members for a year they will never forget.
Thanks to Patterson Dental, Benco Dental, Goetze Dental, Carestream Kodak, and Delta Dental for event sponsorship!

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