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Healthy Kids Day!

Posted by Paul on 4/28/2012 7:13:00 PM

Today was Healthy Kids Day at many Y's across the state. The MDA had a presence at 5 of them including south Saint Louis where I was on hand to witness the action. This event was at the Carondelet Rec Complex and it was impressive. There was a ton of stuff to do and it was well organized. A steady stream of families passed through from 10-2,
The MDA was on hand to help kids make the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy life. Dr. Jamie Whitson and Dr. Mike O'Connell were excellent MDA member volunteers. They engaged the kids, encouraged the parents, and actively participated for 4 hours. We saw lots of purple teeth as many kids chewed plaque disclosing tablets. I was real proud of one father of three who chewed a tablet after his children and came out with a winning smile! Parents are critical role models for oral health and they are on the front line every morning and night.
Above, Dr. Whitson announces the winning boy and girl who won free electric toothbrushes. Plus several kids opted to brush their teeth right then after seeing where they were missing spots.
Besides my location, MDA volunteers worked events in Springfield, Kirksville, Kansas City, and St Joe. The reception was warm and the Y's were great to work with so maybe we can grow the partnership next year to many more locations.

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