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Mouse Racing - Sport of the Future!

Posted by Paul on 4/22/2012 4:59:00 PM

My three day travel adventure ended on a special mission - scope out this thing called Mouse Racing. Let me just say, mission accomplished. THIS IS SO FUN and a completely new way to raise some money.
OnSaturday night I went to a Mouse Race at Busch Stadium with Shannon Woodcock from Delta Dental Health Theater. Together we will be hosting a Mouse Race fund raiser during Mid-Continent in St Louis on November 9th. It will benefitShannon'sDDHT and the two foundations of the MDA - the MDAF and the Well Being Foundation. Much more detailsto come about this event so stay tuned.
The festivities are centered around 6 mice racing in 6 heats on the track above followed by a championship race for the "big cheese". The mice can be viewed and bet on with chips before each race. In between races, attendees bet on the roulette wheel where a mouse is let go to roam until he entersthe slot of some lucky winner.
Add in some great auction items, casino games, crowd games and raffles, and of course, good food and beverage, and you have a fun evening for everyone. We are planning several rivalry races and there's all sorts of creative sponsorships (like naming mice) available for members and vendors. Watch for more or contact me with questions.

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Looking forward to the fundraiser! Should be a fun time for all! Go Mice!!

Posted by Ellen Kessler, GSLDS Executive Director on 4/24/2012 11:07:00 AM

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