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Losing never felt so good!

Posted by Paul on 4/20/2012 3:47:00 PM

My adventure in Cape Girardeau continued the next morning when the fine folks of SEDS invited me to join in their golf tournament and business meeting. (FYI- Pay attention other components. This is my favorite type of gathering.) We were able to get in 18 holes on a nice morning just before the rain rolled in. My team consisted of the talented and friendly Drs. Susan Sheets, Bob Fox, and Dick Swartz. I guess they drew the short straw when they got me! I thought we played well but we couldn't drop a putt.
As a result we finished in last place (where good guys reside). In cheeky good humor they gave us basketballs to subtly suggest we may want to explore another sport. My son was happy that my misfortune was his gain. It was all good fun and I enjoyed spending time with the SEDS crew. Stacey Butler from the MDA and her husband Ryan also played. They did better for some reason but I'm suspicious!
The business meeting sailed along with good reports on many fronts. They voted to donate $5000 to MOMOM which further proves my point that this whole SE region is up to the challenge.
Keep up the solid work SEDS and remember me for Dalhousie in the fall!

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