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The Value of Meals Together

Posted by Paul on 4/10/2012 2:45:00 PM

You mightwonder what was the most valuable part of the ADA R&R Conference. There was definitely good data, excellent speakers, new ideas, and challenges to ponder. It's important to interact with others who are working toward the same ends as you. But the real value for me was teamwork.
The Missouridelegation had two dinners together in Chicago - a special delight given the awesome restaurant selection! Meals out have some mysterious power to overcome differences andbring us together.Besides the great food and vino, there was real value in building relationships and grappling together over the issuesfacing our state and our membership. I discover the passion others have for organized dentistry. I see the thought and work and experience needed to win. I also see more listening and reflection than normal.Sharing togethertakes the conference from theory to reality.
Let me encourage you to do the same in your component. Make it a priority to occasionally bypass the email and skip the brief oral report at a meeting. Instead break bread with some members different from you and make effort to deeply address the issues your component faces. You'll find this approach not only tasty but also fruitful. Bon Appetite!

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