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A Mouthful

An Insider's Blog. Just for You, MDA's Most Valued Member!

Paul TravelingAs director of outreach, Paul travels the state in support of all things MDA. Along the way he encounters some really interesting people. He also has plenty of time to contemplate the MDA cosmos and the odd things that bind us together in our dental community. This blog seeks to bring life to these “tales from the trail” through words and visuals. Enjoy and participate, because it’s all part of your family.

Author Paul Roberts has no writing credentials beyond an English degree from his beloved Auburn University  and a love for words and people. He enjoys driving and exploring new places. He secretly fancies himself an amateur sociologist. Perhaps that’s because while the world offers so many distractions, nothing is as interesting as people and the stories behind them. Background influences style and view in writing, so you should know that Paul is from the South. He can’t seem to escape cause-directed work, with a long stint in youth outreach, and now, this gig with the MDA. He loves golf, likes a wide variety of music, tolerates hair loss, and despises Brussels sprouts. He’s husband to Leah, father to sons, Taylor and Travis and master to pets, Jack and Aubie.

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