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Join nearly 77 percent of your Missouri colleagues as an MDA member and discover all of the member benefits and services provided to you as part of your membership. For questions about your membership email Stacey Kloeppel or call 573-634-3436. if you have questions you can't get answered through these various online resources, call us ... we'll answer your questions and connect your with resources to help.

Advocacy for Your Profession

Dentists can't afford to be silent partners in their own business and practice decisions. Legislative proposals directly impact dentistry in Missouri, and we need to have meaningful input. Political involvement is just good business, and you know best the issues that affect your practice. Learn about MDA advocacy efforts, the Missouri Dental Political Action Committee (MODentPAC) and how you can get involved. Make your voice heard.

Services Available to You

Multiple services available to you through MDA membership provide countless benefits, including:

  • Missouri Dental Insurance Services (MDIS): MDIS provides honest answers and practice solutions for your business—plus great savings on insurance. MDIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MDA.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Section: Check out our popular, searchable FAQs where we update answers to your most common questions on practice and regulatory issues and provide a topical index to the full Dental Practice Act.
  • Endorsed Company Product & Service Discounts: Is your practice inundated with information on products and services? Instead of sifting through them, trying to decide what’s worthwhile and what’s not, use a researched MDA or ADA endorsed company.
  • Member Communications: Stay connected through tripartite communications. Don't miss timely information provided in the MDA Focus, MDA eNews, ADA News and JADA, as well as your component publications.
  • Patient Education Brochures: The MDA provides several patient education tools including the popular Stop the Pop, Start Right and Your Mouth Is Talking. You can order these items and other items-including Lab Prescription Forms through the online MDA Store
  • Contract Analysis Service: Wondering how to make sense of all the legalese in a contract you've received from an insurance company? Use the ADA Contract Analysis Service, a free service available to members only.
  • Find a Dentist: Not a referral service, but rather a service to provide an up-to-date list of MDA members that is searchable by the public.

Continuing Education Options

It's easy to find affordable, relevant and convenient continuing education options with the MDA. Our education committee seeks out speakers who will provide great presentations on important topics to members and their teams, and the MDA's generous sponsor support helps make it a great value. Find opportunities to get CE at MDA events such as Winter Session or Travel & Learn or utilize our online CE options such as the Focus CE Articles, Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste or Controlled Substance Guidelines from the Missouri Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD).

Additional Information Resources

The MDA strives to offer valuable, relevant programs and services to enhance your excellence as a dentist, and to protect and ensure a successful future for the profession. With membership doctors harness the Power of 3: Benefits and resources from the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association and one of eight Local Component Societies—not to mention our collective subsidiaries. Following are some resources that illustrate this.

Applying for MDA Membership?

It's easier than ever to join the Missouri Dental Association and become a tripartite member. Apply today with our online application.

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