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Focused On Your Success

Enhancing your excellence as a dentist. Ensuring the future of your profession. Discover the valuable ways MDA membership can help you navigate challenges in your career, business and life. Become a member of the MDA today. For questions about becoming a member, dues amounts, waivers and more, contact Stacey Kloeppel at the MDA.

Valuable and Relevant Programs and Services

The MDA strives to offer valuable, relevant programs and services to enhance your excellence as a dentist, and to protect and ensure a successful future for the profession. With the ease of completing just one membership application, doctors harness the Power of 3 benefits and resources from the American Dental Association, the Missouri Dental Association and one of eight Local Component Societies—not to mention our collective subsidiaries. Click here for a quick overview of resources and benefits.

Membership immediately opens to you a myriad of tools and resources to manage your business, expand your knowledge, enhance your career and make an impact as a dentist. These include legislative advocacy, federal and state regulatory monitoring, continuing education, public outreach and education. You'll see by reviewing the inside and back covers, membership keeps you connected—not only to your peers, but to our subsidiaries and allies and the helpful resources they extend.

Most important, you become part of an Association that cares about its diverse members and the changing dental profession. We're committed to great customer service, and we continue to strive to provide answers to your many questions … better, faster. Just give us a call—we're focused on your success. On behalf of more than 2,000 dentists statewide, we extend a warm invitation for you to become a member today to discover the valuable ways MDA membership can help you navigate challenges in your career, business and life.

About the MDA

The Missouri Dental Association is a non-profit, professional organization with more than 2,000 members statewide, representing all areas of dentistry. Founded in 1865, the MDA is a unified organization of individual members committed to the highest quality of care for the public and a resource for advocacy, education, communication, information and fellowship. The MDA is a state component of a tripartite association where members belong to the American Dental Association and their local component society. The Association's mission is "Promoting the interests of dentists in Missouri" and we're governed by a 16-member board, with an executive office staff to serve our members.

Dentist Membership

Once an Dentist Membership Application is received by the MDA Executive Office, we work with the ADA and component society to process it. You will receive correspondence and/or a dues statement, generally within a week. Once payment of membership dues is received, you will receive your ADA membership card, along with a new member packet from the MDA. In addition to the regular membership, we offer:

  • Graduate Student Membership: Available to any dentist who is engaged full-time in a residency or advanced education program. Graduate Student Application 
  • Affiliate Membership: Available to any dentist who is an active tripartite member with another state dental association Affiliate Membership Application

Dental Team Membership

Even if youíre already a member of a professional organization for your career, joining the MDA provides additional representation and support of the stateís largest dental association at an incredible value. Open to a registered dental hygienist, a certified dental assistant or an EFDA, and to certified dental lab technicians. Additional personnel having a recognized certification in nursing or other recognized groups may also be qualified for Associate membership. See application for details. Associate Membership Application

Student Membership

It's easy to join as an MDA student member. Visit the Student Page for complete details plus a link to pay dues online.

Membership Dues

The ADA (national), MDA (state) and your component dental society (local) maintain a Tripartite membership system. Dentists receive benefits at all three levels and dues must be paid at all three levels to be a member. Each member is assessed dues at each level, but there are a variety of categories to allow exceptions for those who are dental students, graduate students, new to or retiring from the practice of dentistry or experiencing temporary financial difficulties (see waivers following). Dues statements are sent to members at the end of November, following the ADA and MDA House meetings where yearly national and state dues are determined. Dues payments submitted in full, or the establishment of an installment payment plan, should occur by January 1. The MDA accepts check, credit card and ACH payments for dues. Dues may be paid in full, or members may establish an installment plan to pay dues over the course of several months.

Reduced Dues & Waivers

New Dentist Graduates

We know finances are tight when you start your career, but organized dentistry has your interest and your success in mind. The ADA, MDA and various local dental societies offer a reduced dues program, which offers recent graduates FREE membership for the remainder of your graduation year and reduced dues for the next four years on the ADA, MDA, and various local levels. This significantly decreases your due amounts for several years while you still have the opportunity to take full advantage of membership benefits. Please complete the regular membership application, and your statement will reflect your reduced dues based on graduation date (there is no special waiver to complete).

Retired Dentists

Retired Membership Available to an active member in good standing who has been an active member and is now a retired member, and is no longer earning an income from the performance of service as a member of the faculty of a dental school, as a dental administrator or consultant, or as a practitioner of any activity for which a license to practice dentistry or dental hygiene is required by the state.

Retired Life Membership Available to a member who meets the above requirements for retired membership and who meets the requirements for life membership. Life membership is available to a member who has been a member for 30 consecutive years or 40 total years, and has attained age 65 and is a member in good standing. Life membership is effective the calendar year following the year in which these requirements are fulfilled. Affidavit for Retired Membership

Dental School Faculty Waiver

Available for dental faculty who are employed full time (32 hours per week). The waiver will allow the faculty member to pay 50% less than the active full dues and is subject to reappraisal prior to the 2009 dues year. Faculty Waiver

Waiver of Dues (Financial Hardship)

Available to a member in good standing whose circumstances have resulted in a significant financial hardship, including temporary or permanent disability, catastrophe, parental leave or medical illness (full/partial waiver). Dues Waiver

Alliance of the American Dental Association

AADA is a volunteer organization that supports its members and values its partnership with the American Dental Association in advancing the oral health of the public. The Alliance of the ADA actively provides dental health education in local communities, advocates for the dental profession and provides support for dental families. Membership is open to all American Dental Association dental spouses. Go online for more information.

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