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ARCHIVES: March 2012




Posted by Paul on 3/27/2012 8:50:00 AM

Recently I returned to my hometown of Atlanta to attend a wedding. I was pleased to run across an old friend, Ralph Lehr. Ralph is a dentist so I was excited to share with him my new role working with dentists across Missouri. He thought it was cool, but then again, Ralph was always positive and supportive. See, he was not my dentist. He was my mentor. As a volunteer Young Life leader, Ralph played a huge part in shaping my life in high school just by sharing his life with me. He hosted memorable pool parties. He took me water skiing. He listened to my teen anxieties. He believed in me.
In my youth I never made any connections between Ralph’s role in my life and his career as a dentist. Now, as I get to know more and more dentists, I see some common threads. In many cases, dentistry affords flexibility of time and a good salary. Ralph was generous to share both with me and many others. I see that same generosity and community involvement in many MDA members. It makes me proud to work with your profession. Perhaps I was subtly drawn to the MDA based on the example of one dentist who shared his life beyond his practice. Let’s keep that example going. You never know who you are influencing!

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A Tasty Saturday

Posted by Paul on 3/15/2012 3:53:00 PM

Food, fun, and career exposure were on the menu this past Saturday as I joined the Greater St Louis Dental Society for their first ever “Taste of St Louis Dentistry” event. Thirty five eager 3rd and 4th year students from SIU piled on a charter bus and headed out for three member office destinations, each showcasing a different practice style and featuring a favorite St Louis food item furnished by local sponsors. 
The first stop was the office of Dr. John and Jennifer Boain sponsored by Goetze and featuring toasted ravioli and veggie dips. Then we rolled on to Drs. Ollie and Perdita Fisher’s office where lunch was provided by GSK. The students loved eating outside in the wonderful pavilion on a fabulous spring day. Our final stop was Family Dentistry where Dr. Lori Roseman was our host and Henry Schein was the sponsor. There we were served gooey butter treats and Ted Drew’s frozen custard. Yummy!
Besides the good food (and beer!), the students were treated to in depth tours at each office and could contrast and compare the styles and benefits. They engaged their hosts with good questions and could also bounce off ideas with familiar SIU instructors and MDA members Drs. Seaton, Sokolowski, and Rapini. Drs. Hoffman and Moshiri were also along representing the GSLDS as well as the staff team. Add to that, the sponsor presentations and the opportunities for interaction were endless.
The event utilized designated funds for student outreach and was a solid step at exposing students to “real world” dentistry and building relationships. It’s not unusual to expect that maybe a dozen or more from a class of 50 may practice in MO upon graduation. We made sure they knew the GSLDS and the MDA would welcome them with open arms.
I loved the interaction with young people who represent the future of dentistry. Kudos and thanks to all involved in pulling off a first class event.

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