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Missouri Dental Association :: Advocacy

Your Voice Matters

Dentists can't afford to be silent partners in their own business and practice decisions. Legislative advocacy is just good business, and MDA makes it our business to protect you.

Current Session: Learn more about MDA efforts.

MODentPAC: You can't afford to be a silent partner in decisions that affect your business, your practice, your profession, donate today.

Legislative Day: Join us at the Capitol for multiple opportunities for face to face time with your legislators.

Join the Grassroots Network: With so many new legislators, the MDA has a lot of people to get to know. If you have an existing relationship with a Representative or Senator (participate in a fundraiser, attend church together, knew each other in college or high school), please join.

National Representation: The MDA works with the ADA to represent your voice and views on issues effecting the you and your practice. The ADA represents nearly 157,000 dentists and works to improve America’s oral health, advance the science of dentistry and enhance the best oral health care system in the world.

Stay Connected. If you'd like to stay abreast on what's happening to our issues and other related items we're watching read the MDA Capitol Connection, join our Grassroots network, follow our social media outlets or utilize the ADA Advocacy Communications.

If you have questions about MDA advocacy efforts contact Katie Reichard.

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