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ADA NDC - The Wrap Up

Posted by Paul on 7/19/2014 3:11:00 PM

Kudos to you Kansas City! It's been a busy, fun, and successful four days here at the ADA NDC. Only one other conference hadhigher attendance than this one. Way to rock it! I can't begin to quantify the impact individual attendees reaped much less gage the invaluable impact of people connecting in so many settings on so many levels. It makes you proud and hopeful to be associated with organized dentistry.
While I tried to tip my hat in these many posts to a wide variety of people who were integral to the success of the conference, I'm sure I missed someone. I do want to thank our current MO ND Committee Chair, Dr Sarah Mahaffey and MDA Membership Manager, Stacey Kloeppel for keeping people fired up and handling all manner of details. That's the two of them above confering on high level matters. I also salute all the MDA ND Committee members and local arrangements committee members for their service.
As the ADA ND Committee handed out an assortment of fun door prizes (who doesn't like to win cool stuff?), the buzz was about what will happen next year. I think changes are afoot but that's for the ADA to announce. I can tell you, Dr Jon Copeland is taking over the reigns here in Missouri and we plan to continue our networking and developmentwith the return of the highly received Connect4Success conference. Watch your MDA news channels for an official announcement of date and location for June 2015.
As I bid adieu I hope any MDA members reading this are encouraged by the changes and growth occurring at the state and national level. Find out how you can join in wherever you are geographically or in your career path by reaching out to the MDA. In fact, just drop me a line at paul@modental.org and I'll hook you up.

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