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ADA NDC - MDA Strategic Planning

Posted by Paul on 7/18/2014 2:20:00 PM

Hosting the conference allowed for a confluence of MDA leaders. We took advantage of that gathering and had a full dayfor the MDA Board to meet and map out thestrategic plan for the next three years. Of course this process had started many steps before and still needs a little tweaking before it's officially released but a great deal of work was done today. In addition to the MDA Board, representatives from MDIS and both the Foundations were in attendance. This keeps our many parts focused on one common direction. It's easy to get in a silo mentality and forget how we all function more efficiently when goals and direction are clear.
Thanks to Dr Michael Gallery for leading us. That's him above getting the group to word smith our action points. While the day is intense and healthy, sitting in a breakout room doesn't lend itself to great photos.
Meanwhile the ADA NDC was focused on courses and sessions for clinical improvement including some hands on courses at UMKC. I heard rave reviews from those who went.This was a unique benefit to our location and a shout out goes to Dean Marsha Pyle and her team for all their cooperation and hospitality regarding the conference.

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