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ADA NDC - Leadership Day

Posted by moda on 7/17/2014 1:30:00 PM

Thursday at the ADA NDC was entitled "Leadership Skills Activated! A Day of Enrichment". If as a non dentist, I like this day because the content and inspiration are appropriate for any type of leader, then certainly the new dentists who are learning about leading a practice and managing a team would soak up the applications and principles.
The day begins with introductions from Dr Chuck Norman, ADA President, Dr Kathy O'Loughlin, ADA Executive Director, and ADA New Dentist Committee Chair and Vice Chair, Dr Brian Schwab and Dr Michael LeBlanc. They highlight current issues and initiatives and then open the floor for questions. It's authentic and engaging. The current leaders are accessible and the future leaders are being heard. Later in the day, they have a Hot Topics in the Round session where attendees engage with ADA Trustees on matters of concern to them. I find this type of learning and relationship building essential to success. The message is not contained to one voice and the feedback is not received by just one person. The resulting conversations at the breaks and throughout the conference are much richer due to this kick off.
Leadership is also taught through several breakout options.Missouri's own, Dr Guy Deyton was a featrued presenter.I attended Dr Kirk Behrendt's session on Being All That We Can Be.That's him above. His candor and practicality based on real experience as a dentist seem to hold the audience attention throughout. I highly recommend him but beyond that I highly recommend people to stay motivated and sharp through regular exposure to good training on leadership.

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