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ADA New Dentist Conference - Student Reception

Posted by Paul on 7/16/2014 11:11:00 AM

The ADA New Dentist Conference has come to Kansas City! It's quite an honor to be hosting this event. To help you get a feel for all of it, I will post several entries. Let's get started.
We kicked off our proceedings with a reception for D3 students at UMKC sponsored by ADPAC. One of the advantages of hosting the conference is the proximity of the dental school to the Sheraton Hotel. Add the fact that Teocali Mexican Restaurant is in between the two and you have a perfect storm for allowing busy schedules to connect in an intimate environment.
It's rare that dental students have a chance to relax with nationalleaders in organized dentistry. To facilitate conversations, students needed to have a card stamped by ADA Trusteesor ADPAC members to enter a drawing. The MDA gave away five $50 gift cards and the KDA gave away an iPad. But the real prize was the opportunity to connect. The interaction primed the pump before the official conference launched the next day. By all accounts, the reception was a success.
Above, you will see students enjoying refreshment on the patio. That's also Dr Chuck Norman, ADA President, with Dr Merle Nunemaker, MDA President, and the dynamic ADAduo of Jeanine Pekkarinen and Christine Chico. Jeanine is our 6th District Membership rep and Chris is a driving force behind the NDC. Finally, there's Dr Eve Lofthus, a member of the local arrangement committee (LAC). She's working the parking lot to show folks the way. Thanks, Eve!

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