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Dr John Haynes - In Memoriam

Posted by Paul on 7/28/2014 3:14:00 PM

Dr John Haynes 1934-2014
It's always sad to learn of a member's death. Last week we lost a good man and a Missouri all star. Dr John Haynes was a personable and stabilizing fixture for UMKC, the MDA, and the profession in general for more than 50 years. He always greeted me by name and made me feel welcomed. I would see him at UMKC or at MOMOM and his enthusiasm for people never waned. He was a life giver to all he met.
It's not my place to eulogize him. You can read his obituary here. I was moved by what his peers and students said about him in response to an email with the news of his passing. I won't contribute names. You'll see the sentiment rang true in every case. Rest in Peace, Dr. Haynes.
  • I did not attend UMKC. I met Dr. Haynes because he was everywhere. Always involved, always smiling, always a leader. He always treated myself and everyoneelse as if wewere his best friend
  • Being from St. Louis, I relate him as the Stan Musial of dentistry. Nobody else played the game as long as he did without one person having a negative thing to say about them, and every person that he encountered having a positive memory of him. I bet he wrote between 20-50 letters of rec. per year. Can you imagine how many careers he directly affected over a 50 year career with that?
  • It truly is a sad day.John was a great person and mentor.He always had a smile and a kind word, no matter what was happening around him.Our profession lost a great one!

  • I just saw and visited with "brother John" at the UMKC SOD alumni conference breakfast. He seemed to be the same as he was 30 plus years ago. I even told him that.He will be missed for sure. He continued to do the work he loved to do till the end. That is a great way to live.

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