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Dollars and Sense

Posted by Paul on 7/9/2014 8:49:00 AM

Yesterday was staff budget day as we prepare a draft of the 2015 MDA budget for the Board Finance Committee to review. It's not sexy work going through all the line items but it is interesting to debate where to allocate the money. There are consistent factors like utilities. There are new priorities and issues that require additional funds. There are "age old" items that honor tradition. And there are plenty of items that get thorough debate. Why do we do fund this? Can it be done for less? Is this essential toour mission? Would new investments now make for greater savings later? There are no easy answers but good stewardship demands that we ask the questions.
I'm sure if we engaged all our members in the process, the range of opinions would be extensive. As it is, know that the staff constantly work to review our expenses and habits so as to maximize your dues and benefits. Also know that the Finance Committee and Board will go over every item and make hard choices before presenting a budget to the House of Delegates. Thankfully, the MDA is in strong financial health.
Money is always a hot topic and with an organization this large, there's a lot to be accountable for. We are grinding through that now and always welcome your input.

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