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Training the Trainers

Posted by Paul on 6/27/2014 2:09:00 PM

Good education programsrely ongood leadership, strong curriculum, and equipped teachers. The Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) program is one such program and it was on display today in the basement conference room at the MDA. While my focus is generally elsewhere, you can't work in the MDAoffice and not encounter something EFDA related almost every day. So I was happy to see this crowd in person.
MDA staff, Mandy Lewis and Melissa Albertson have done heroic work driving this EFDAbeast through all sorts of things like the grant process, the curriculum process, the video process, the materials process, the Missouri Dental Board regulations, the scheduling and conducting of classes and the certification process. It is afirst rate program that all MDA members can be proud of. Plus it brings in non dues revenue.
Today's event was a Restorative II train the trainer class. This was the first rollout of this class which is still pending approval from the MO Dental Board. Dr Ed Kendrick and Dr Rolfe McCoy delivered the goods to about three dozen attendees from across the state including representation from7 of our 8 components. Attendess were MDA member dentists/trainers and educators from CODA schools. You can see the teachers and the full class above. And you can see the always thinking Melissa Albertson soaking up the content.
I salute these leaders and volunteers who serve the greater membership with their knowledge and time. To find out more about the EFDA program contact mandy@modental.org.

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