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Give Kids A Smile at UMKC

Posted by Paul on 2/7/2014 3:58:00 PM

Single digit temperatures curtailed some of the student turnout today but nonetheless many kids were given a smile today thanks to the hard work of Dr Michael McCunniff and a host of dental students, local dentists, and happy volunteers who cam togetherfor National Give Kids a Smile Day.
Kids filed off buses to be greeted by friendly faces in pink GKAS shirts. They were screened and went off to various areas of the school's clinic for hygiene and treatment. After getting their TLC and new smile, they went upstairs to enjoy books, games, videos, face paint, clowns and lunch. Who doesn't want to be a kid?
There was strong local news coverage and it's great to see such a united community from the 5 year old receiving treatment to the 25 year old learning to deliver treatment to the 65 year old veteran supervising and giving of their time. It's dentistry at its best.
I'm sure many of you may have had your own local GKAS outreach. According to the ADA web site yesterday, there were 1,519 events nationwide scheduled with more than 9000 dentists participating to treat 345,700 kids. Now that's cool seeing much of the country get behind this event.
Salute to all those who gave of their time and talent today!

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