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Signs of Life

Posted by Paul on 1/23/2014 8:33:00 AM

Last night at the Columbia study club I witnessed something that stirred my heart.I sawa vocal and agitated group of member dentists! Fora moment, I thought they may break out the lanterns and hand pieces and storm the castle.
There's no need to name names or get into specifics but several people spoke up during Patrick's legislative report with concerns about insurance changes, the ACA, and related issues. The discussion was lively and engaging but respectful as well. Members, rightfully so, wanted to know what the MDA was doing to help them. The answer is plenty but that's not the point.
The point is your association needs this level of engagement if it is to thrive. Disconnected and dispassionate members don't create change. It takes PAC donations, letter writing, meeting attendance, phone calls, etc so we can understand what members want and mobilize resources accordingly.
A wise older member gave an impassioned speechchampioningthis enthusiasm that has been lacking in recent years. I chirped in and added that if you are unhappy or concerned with the MDA or your profession, don't walk away. That only makes matters worse. Instead, go recruit your non-member colleagues and tell them we need all available hands and voices if we wish to protect and advance the profession you love.
So raise your hand or voice (even your lantern and hand piece). We want to hear from you. The MDA Board and staff are working diligently to represent you and they welcome all the input and help they can get.

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