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MDA Legislative Reception 2014

Posted by Paul on 1/15/2014 5:46:00 PM

A strong turnout of @ 70 guests made their way through the G2 Gallery in Jefferson City tonight to meet a variety of MDA members, trustees, and staff at our annual MDA Legislative Reception. This is a great way at the beginning of session to meet our elected officials and share with them our thanks for their support and express our concerns for issues affecting the profession.
Unfortunately a MOMOM conflict kept me from attending the event but I heard good things from those in attendance and my inventory tells me that our guests love leaving withcomplimentary paste and brush!. This is a valuable exchange as we seek to actively represent the MDA in all matters legislative. Thanks to all who made it a priority to attend. Let's have another strong turnout for MDA Legislative Day on February 26, 2014. Make sure to contact Patrick Baker at patrick@modental.org to RSVP.
I do have a few photos. We have Dr Rob Tait with Senator David Pearce. We have the Springfield group of Drs Kessler, Hume, and Vance (L to R) with Senator Jay Wasson and wife. We have Vicki Wilbers with Senator Scott T Rupp. He was one of two MDA Legislative Award winners (Representative Chris Molendorp was the other). Thanks again to all for coming.

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