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Food for Thought - The Hildebrands

Posted by Paul on 11/19/2013 8:56:00 AM

Drs Matt and Robin Hildebrand were guest speakers at today's Food for Thought program with UMKC dental students and they were a big hit! Both 2011 graduates of UMKC SOD, they have experienced a lot in two short years. They married, bought a house, bought a practice, opened a practice, and had a child. Oh yeah, Robin also served a year as president of NWDS. Talk about diving in head first!
Actually, that was their message to students, "Go for it!". Students responded well to their honest, humble real life stories about life after graduation. The Hildebrands acknowledged that their journey may not be for everyone but the principles they shared about taking risks, working with banks, communicating with other area dentists, exploring different job styles, and just getting started with a career were all very applicable. The abundance of questions were proof of the engaging presentation.
Add in some Boston Market lunch and the chance for 5 students to win $20 cash and you have a solid Food for Thought program. Our numbers are growing and the students are staying around and engaging more and that's our goal. We want to show them from the very beginning how the MDA andorganized dentistrycan really enhance their career in a variety of ways.
Thanks, Dr Matt and Dr Robin! Good luck with all your new adventures. Meanwhile, FFT will take a holiday break and resume on February 18th.

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