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Fighting for Fluoride

Posted by Paul on 10/16/2013 9:42:00 AM

Those in dentistry certainly understand the contribution of fluoridation to the citizens' oral health status. It is disconcerting to see many municipalities remove fluoride from their water systems based primarily on economic reasons. Such is the case in O'Fallon, Missouri as reported in an article on KMOV's web site.
You can read the article here. What I want to focus on is the advocacy of MDA member dentist, Dr James Burchett. He understands the stakes and took the time to present the case for fluoridation to the City Council. There is no stronger statement than for a local citizen with expertise and concern to speak up. I salute Dr Burchett regardless of the ultimate outcome.
This is one of the most tangible ways a member can serve their community. Be informed and watchful (municipalities don't always advertise their intentions and budget moves) and then respectfully speak up from your platform of expertise. Your influence can save the city far more health related dollars than will ever be saved by eliminating fluoride.
The MDA offers a wide variety of fluoridation resources under the FAQ section of the members only portion of our web site at www.modental.org.

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