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Success is at hand!

Posted by Paul on 10/14/2013 3:09:00 PM

Link to CPS site
There's no doubt that when you chose dentistry as a profession that you envisioned being successful. Reality is occasionally different. What is the weight loss ads say...results may vary? There are all sorts of factors influencing your outcome. Dental school is no easy, short, or inexpensive investment to begin with.  The economy is always changing. The equipment and techniques are always progressing. How do you develop and maintain expertise? And then there's real life elements that alter your quest for success. Things like competition, drive, raising a family, handling stress, etc. Well, I have good news for your battle to succeed.
In the Center for Professional Success,  I think the ADA has launched one of it's most beneficial resources ever. It is designed to help you manage your practice, expand your knowledge, and balance your life. The content is always being updated and archived so it can only grow in its influence and impact. I understand the ADA will feature a full roll out at the Annual Session in New Orleans later this month. But if you're not going you can still learn a lot by snooping around the site and interacting with the resources. 
I saw a presentation on this at the Management Conference in July. It struck me as the perfect confluence of technology, content, and need. New Dentists just starting a career will certainly find this site helpful but new content on current issues like the Affordable Care Act will make it valuable to every member. I encourage you to give it a spin. Here's to your success!

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