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Officer Installations in Opposite Corners - Part 1 SEDS

Posted by Paul on 9/20/2013 11:28:00 AM

Missouri is a fairly large state and thankfully we have member dentists in just about every nook and cranny across the state. There's no way we could effectively serve them all without the ingenioustripartite structure. The 8 regional components of the MDA are the first line of membership and we admire the local leadership that chooses to serve on that front line. That's why someone from the MDA seeks to be at every officer installation. It's a great time to give local members an update on state matters and it's always fun to meet and interact with the membership.
The hale and hearty crowd from SEDS held their officer installation today. Attending from the MDA was President Dr Lynn Barbour, Vicki Wilbers, and Patrick Baker. All reports are that the proceedings went well. Here is a photo report. Congrats to all!
1. Dr Lynn Barbour swears in the new SEDS officers Dr. Phil Loida (President-Elect), Dr. Courtney Beussink (New President), and Dr. Trevor Blattner (Sec-Treas).
2. Dr Barbour gives outgoing President, Dr Jim Fox a plaque thanking him for his distinguished service.
3. Dr Jim Fox and dad, gather after Dr Bob Fox was honored for receivingActive Life status in MDAmembership.
4. Dr Mark Milde and his wife pose together after Dr Milde also receives Active Life status.

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