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Association Pride!

Posted by Paul on 9/17/2013 10:16:00 AM

When it comes to other member driven associations, the MDA does not stand alone but it does try to stand apart. The MDA belongs to the Missouri Society of Association Executives. This collection of people share a common tie in that they all have similar challenges in recruiting and retaining members, finding non-dues revenue, advocating for their profession, and communicating with a wide range of audiences. The networking and exchange of ideas is very beneficial to all.
Each year, MSAE holds an award luncheon to honor commendable association work in several categories: Communications, Creative Funding, Education, External Affairs, and Membership Development. We believe in our work here at the MDA and we seek to stand apart by submitting an entry each year based on one of our objectives. This year we won Honorable Mention for our first ever Connect4Success Leadership Academy and New Dentists Conference. It was a team effort between the staff and the New Dentist Committee. We were thrilled with the success of the conference and thrilled again when it was honored by MSAE. Pictured above are Stacey Kloeppel and Mandy Lewis from the MDA office accepting the award at the luncheon today.
Yesterday I participated for the first time in the MSAEFun-Fest. It includes lunch, golf, dinner, and prizes. What a unique day away from the office. I thank the Lodge of Four Seasons (host site of our C4S event) for including me on their scramble team. I really thank them for including the golf pro from the Cove as well. We (he) shot 63 during a fun day on the links! Pictured above is Brenda Roling from the Missouri Academyof Nutrition and Dietetics, Chris Lash our golf pro, yours truly, and Sandy Boeckman, the executive director of MSAE.
My kudos to Sandy for always running a great event. In November, the MDA seeks to contribute and benefit again from MSAE by attending their education workshop. These round table discussions allow members to pilfer the best ideas from each other. I'll have the honor of co-leading the round table on Marketing and Customer Service.

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