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Smiles of Hope in Dexter

Posted by Paul on 8/22/2013 1:57:00 PM

The Image In the Mirror is a … SMILE!!
MOMOM and Give Kids A Smile are two of the more notable charitable dental clinics in Missouri that I mention frequently. But I've learned from my travels and interactions with members that all sorts of charitable dentistry gets done across this state on a daily basis. I would like to start highlighting some of them. Today's spotlight is down in the southeast part of the state in Dexter, MO. It's called Smiles of Hope.
What I like about Smiles of Hope is how it's organically grown from a humble start to be a well oiled monthly outreach involving both community and dental volunteers. It's hard to tell who benefits more from the program - the volunteers providing the service or the patients receiving the treatment.
Dr Bill Kane is passionate about helping others in need of dental care. He was a tooth pulling machine at the last MOMOM in Cape. He's been telling me about Smiles of Hope for awhile now. Recently he sent me this link to an article about the clinic and this
link to a YouTube video that tells their story. Both are better than my words so check them out. If you wish to volunteer or find out more, reach out to Dr. Kane at wtkane@newwavecomm.net.

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