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St Louis New Dentist event - Part 2

Posted by Paul on 8/5/2013 11:36:00 AM

What makes for a great event like this? Teamwork. And I'm always impressed with the teamworksee in St Louis. Here are three examples. First, Dr Jane Otto put time in her schedule to come and hang out with the new dentists. That is so key to welcoming new people and giving some sense of community as the local component grows. That's Dr Otto above doing her Danica Patrick impersonation and driving the speedy green car while wearing the final lap cap on her head. Alas, she was on my team and did not fair so well. Next is Dr Eva Lau. She was a good sport to come check out the fun. She represented the Canadians and the vertically challenged - all with a winning smile on her face. Finally, good staff help never hurts. In the midst of a few dozen other things to juggle the entire GSLDS teammade time to bepresent. Laura Breeden, Susan Prosperi, Nikki Sprehe and Meg Shannon went all out to decorate, host, and be cheerleaders all night. Their enthusiasm and commitment were noticed and appreciated not only by the attending dentists but also by the Fun Town staff who said they never had a corporate group get so into the event. Well done!

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