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St Louis New Dentist event - Part 1

Posted by Paul on 8/2/2013 11:01:00 AM

I love to see what the local components are doing for new dentist and member outreach. When I find a good idea, I like to share it so you can steal it! Last night I found a doozy of an idea when I joined the Greater St Louis Dental Society at Swing-a-Round Fun Town for their Amazing Race event with new dentists.
Drs. Jamie Paul, Jon Copeland and others worked with staff liaison Laura Breeden to put together a casual but competitive night of fun. Teams were formed and competition was held on the go-kart track, in the bumper boat pond, atop the air hockey table, and in the skee ball alley. Fun prizes were awarded after each event and to the overall winning team. Throw in some BBQ and adult beverages and what's not to like? The relaxed setting helped new dentist connect with each other and learn a little more about their local opportunities. Goetze and Henry Schein chipped in some sponsorship to help fund it and their reps had fun competing alongside their clients and prospective clients. So, you can see it's a winning event on every level.
I'll try to refrain from commenting on the teams - oh, heck, who am I kidding. I think Dr Copeland stacked his Duck Dynasty team. They were like assassins who came and conquered and had to leave on the early side. Of course, as you see above, Dr Copeland stayed to the end to collect his plunder and glory. Meanwhile, Dr Jamie Paul should stick to dentistry and not team selection. Whileshe chose avery congenial and fun loving team, she misread our talent levels. My wounded pride had to accept last place! But in all seriousness, it was a different and fun way to spend an evening strengthening relationships and new dentist involvement at the local level. Kudos to all!
Above: Dr Copeland accepts his honor for Duck Dynasty team along side Susan, Nikki, and Meg from the GSLDS. What's left of the new dentist crowd at the end ofa fiercenight of competition poses for a group shot. Dr Copeland an Dr Blake Eyres look like synchronized twins at the air hockey table. The bumper boats exposed us all as poor nautical commanders.

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