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MOMOM: Stuff Galore!

Posted by Paul on 7/10/2013 10:26:00 AM

Do you ever wonder what happens to all the "stuff" after you finish your shift at MOMOM and walk away in bliss? Let me tell you.
The host team has a crew ready to disassemble and pack up all the major equipment that belongs to America's Dentists Care Foundation. They take it back to Wichita to be cleaned and prepped while another freshly loaded truck heads off to the next MOM event in another state.
But that is not all the stuff. There are still plenty of valuable, donated dental supplies left over. There are still plenty of auxiliary items like paper towels and signs and wastebaskets. It's all important stuff that can be reused at the next MOMOM. This is key to keeping our costs down and to being good stewards of the generous gifts from others.
Yesterday, Denise Lehman and I drove to Cape Girardeau to wrap up some loose ends with MOMOM. We rented a Uhaul and loaded all the inventoried supplies and brought it back to the MDA office for storage until the next MOMOM in St Louis in May 2014. As you can see from the photo, it shifted some in transport but no harm was done.
Today, Stacey Kloeppel and I unloaded the truck and organized the files and the containers and the boxes and on and on. It was a sweaty chore but an important one. With a good inventory of what we have and what we used, we can better solicit donations and spend wisely from event to event.
I can't wait until we get to reload it and drive it to St Louis! It will be here before you know it!

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