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C4S: Succesful Launch!

Posted by Paul on 7/1/2013 3:17:00 PM

This past weekend, the MDA held the first ever Connect4Success Leadership Academy and New Dentist Conference. If I may be immodest, it was a smashing success. Early feedback tells us attendees enjoyed the casual setting (mild temps at the Lake -exceptional!); made contact with old friends, MDA leadership, and new colleagues; andvalued the CE content. Here's the first of a few recaps.
The Friday morning session led by Dr Michael Gallery was a lively discussion of the unique leadership structure within organized dentistry and what it requires for success. This helped the full house align their thinking as they represented many roles from component staff to young leaders to seasoned Board members to brand new attendees. Dr Gallery went on to identify key traits of a leader and how those applied in the office setting. The Q&A was hopping all over as younger doctors presented real time issues they were learning to deal with in new or recently inherited practices. While Dr Gallery gave principled answers that could apply universally, a few of the older doctors answered from the benefit of their experience. The mix of all voices was beneficial and the first step toward connecting for success.
Photo: New Dentists: Drs Mark Mangels, Maz Moshiri, Danielle Riordan, and Jamie Paul

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