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MOMOM - The Clinic in Action

Posted by Paul on 5/3/2013 9:32:00 AM

How does MOMOM work once the doors are opened? There is a method to the madness. Patients are numbered and given a clipboard where they fill out some basic information. This clipboard travels with them throughout the day. Once their number is called, a patient visits medical triage to make sure they are healthy enough to receive treatment. From there they go to dental triage where a dentist evaluates their needs and agrees with the patient on thetop priorityfor treatment. Then the patient is routed to the appropriate waiting area (there's lots of waiting). Their experience may include an x-ray, a visit to the numbing area, or some lab work. When it's their turn, the patient goes to the appropriate treatment area (extractions, fillings, cleanings) and gets their free work done by a smiling and talented team of professionals. Once they are done, they go to patient exit to get any necessary prescriptions and to finish off the paperwork. All patients leave with a goody bag of personal hygiene products. They also leave with a big smile and a heart of gratitude. That makes all the madness worth it!

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