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Legislative Day 2013

Posted by Paul on 2/27/2013 10:07:00 AM

Althougha snowstorm hampered the travel plans of some MDA members, the small remnant that did attend MDA Legislative Day 2013 did a great job connecting with key leaders at the Capitol. Patrick Baker, MDA Legislative Director, had everyone well -prepared with appointments preset. I tagged along for some of the visits and learned a lot. It makes a huge difference when you as a dentist get face to face with your legislator and express your concern or support. The legislators rely on your expertise to understand the issues.
This has been a favorable legislative session. I encourage you to keep up with the bills the MDA is watching and other developments by checking out the Advocacy page at www.modental.org. You can read the weeklyCapitol Connection for an excellent summary of activity. We need all members to be informed and engaged if we wish to be a force for dentistry at the Capitol.
As for the photos, you have Drs. Hume, Vance, Haley, and Kessler meeting with Senator Wasson who SB 281 on Capped Fees. Drs. Nunemaker and Larson visited with Senator Kraus. Drs. Hume and Haley visited with Representative Elmer. And lastly I corralled a whole group of MDA advocates working in the golden halls of the Capitol. Stay active and make plans to join us next year. Numbers speak loudly. Your presence is needed!

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