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Dues Structure

The ADA (national), MDA (state) and your component dental society(local) maintain a Tripartite membership system.

  • Dues must be paid at all three levels to be a member, and dentists receive benefits at all three levels.  
  • Each member is assessed dues at each level, but there are a variety of categories to allow exceptions for those who graduate students, new to or retiring from the practice of dentistry or experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Dental students enjoy free membership.
  • Dues statements are sent to members at the end of November, following the ADA and MDA House meetings where yearly national and state dues are determined. 

201​7 ADA Dues

The 201​7 ADA dues are $​532 for active members; $10 dues increase from 2016.

201​7 MDA Dues

The 201​7 MDA dues are $452 for active members; ​the same as 201​6.

  • Active Members: $452
  • Recent Graduate Members: 0% of full active dues 1st full year; 25% of full active dues 2nd full year; 50% of full active dues 3rd full year; and, 75% of full active dues 4th full year
  • Active Life Members: 50% of full active dues
  • Retired Members: $50 
  • Affiliate Members: $100
  • Associate Members: $40

201​7 Component Dues (Active Member Rate)

  • Greater St. Louis Dental Society: $3​75
  • Greater Kansas City Dental Society: $1​50
  • Greater Springfield Dental Society: $​210
  • Central Dental Society: $50
  • Northeast Dental Society: $​65
  • Northwest Dental Society: $65
  • Southeast Dental Society: $35
  • Southwest Dental Society: $80
For additional questions about Membership, see the Membership FAQ.


Discover the valuable ways MDA membership can help you navigate challenges in your career, business and life. For questions about becoming a member, dues amounts, waivers and more, contact Stacey Kloeppel, Membership Manager.

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Online Membership Application

Payment Options

Your membership dues can be paid by check, credit card or ACH. For your convenience, and in an effort to ease the payment of tripartite member dues, the MDA offers an Installment Payment Plan. There is no additional fee to pay your dues through an Installment Payment Plan. Simply choose the number of payments you prefer. The number of payments will be adjusted automatically to process; the final payment must be made by the deadline of Oct. 31, 201​7. 

If you choose an installment option, you can click below to see the payment amounts, for your component, based on number of installments selected.

  • Component Dues Installment Rates