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Connect4Cash Countdown Raffle.


Here’s How It Works. 

We sell 100 tickets at $100 each. We assign each ticket a number. We will “countdown” by randomly drawing numbers out of a barrel throughout the exhibitor breaks during the Connect4Success conference until the last remaining number wins the grand prize - $1500 cash!

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So Many Prizes

There are many other prizes donated by our great partners that will be randomly assigned to numbers.So you can be eliminated early and still win a prize worth more than your entry fee.

Second Chances

As time goes along we will sell side tickets for people to enter a drawing for one of six chances to get back in the raffle after 50 names have been eliminated.

We will have a similar side raffle for one of two chances to get back in after 80 names have been eliminated.

Each of the last six numbers drawn will win cash prizes that escalate in value until the last remaining number wins the grand prize of $1500 – and there’s no pressure to donate it back. It’s all designed for suspense and competition so get in while you can.

Attendance at Connect4Success is not mandatory to win the cash prizes including the grand prize; however, random vendor prizes can only be won by those attending the conference-that’s a good reason to attend. Your raffle number will be assigned in the order it was purchased.

Thank you for supporting the MDA Foundation!