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201​7 Sponsors & Donors

It takes a large and generous team to pull off MOMOM. We have many who give of time, talent, and treasure but prefer not to be recognized. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all contributors named or otherwise as this list continually grows. Thank you!

Benchmark - $100,000+


Platinum - $10,000+   



The following SWDS member
dentists have personally donated
$500+ to support MOMOM.

Dr. Michael LaFerla
Dr. Richard Reed
Dr. Robert Renger
Dr. Brett Wilson



Gold - $5,000+


Bronze - $1,000+

  • Carthage Community Foundation  
  • Envolve Benefit Options
  • McCune-Brooks Healthcare Foundation

​Chair - $​500+

  • Affordable Care, LLC
  • Dr. Craig Hollander

Friend - Less than $​500

  • Ms. Michelle Aronson
  • Ms. Lauren Anderson

Missouri Dental Association Foundation

The Missouri Mission of Mercy is being hosted as a project of MDA Foundation. The foundation's role is to support the local member-dentist committee with administrative assistance (including accounting of sponsorship funds and volunteer registration) and communication/marketing efforts.

If you would like to give to the MDA Foundation to support future MOMs click here.